It started in 2016, a fun loving homeschooling family put themselves out there for the world to see, often in the cleaning Business I Michael, would be asked do you I have kids? Yes I would reply, 3 kids under 6.  After a few silent seconds after the brains commuted what I had just told them they would always say, boy you have your hands full I bet you cant wait until you send them to school. In reply I would take a breath and then calmly explain that we will have started homeschooling our kids and will continue until they graduate. The room would go from a casual chat to a cold, earth shattering, paradigm mind shifting world altering,  response WHAT!? The questions would then come, the usual, how will they get socialised to I didn’t even know that was legal in this country and why don’t you like to current curriculum and school system.

Being a debater at heart, I could hit them with enough language and argument on the benefits of homeschooling that they would loose me a few minutes into my grand speech. So in putting it into believable terms, I would explain that I have no issues with schools and I have niece’s that go to school and my wife and I were schooled at the so called “normal school”. We believe in Maths and English and core subjects that will not only improve their knowledge and IQ but also build there spirits and social IQ by getting them to deal with a lot of ages. Being Christian as well, we can encourage them in the faith.

In conclusion this is why we VLOG to encourage people around the world that they’re worth it and that if they choose to homeschool their children then good on them. The ability it can give them to be great adults with all the opportunities that other children have without the restraints of a school system that can drum them into little employees, not free minded leaders that can change the world.


2 thoughts on “Our VLOGGING Adventure 2017

  1. Don’t you just love those crazy questions!? (Kidding)
    “You’ve for your hands full” is one of my
    biggest pet peeves. When I’m ushing kids through the store and someone says it all I hear is AKA “dang girrrl that’s a lot of small children!” 😂


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