10 fat sausages frying in a pan. One goes bang. You know the fun irritating song.

Growing up my Dad used to prick the snags with a fork to make sure they didnt blow up in your face. Massive amounts of added fat to each explosive sausage, that made north Korea look tame. One of my favourite memories of my dad is pricking the Sausages. 

Its amazing how far the flavors have come. From the minced mess of anypart a cow that you cant sell. To chicken with sage and mint. Full fat no fat low fat organic. 

In Victoria the tradition of walking into bunnings and enjoying the smell of sausages and onions has been hijacked by well meaning vegans, that are now serving green sausages. Hmm fake meat sausages. By the way not green as in off but green as in vegan. I guess its the new way to have options but give me a sausage loaded with taste and badness. 

Let us know if you have any weird new mixtures of Sausages. Have a great weekend. Full of love friends and family. 

– Michael

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