The Real Cost Of SugarΒ 


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This handsome young man, has a whole life ahead of him, a grand journey that is their’s for the taking, he lives in a society that is socially trying to set a new bar, the well meaning, but misguided push to legalise same sex marriage, is one war that is taking casualties on both sides. Another war that will rage after the SSM debate’, is assisted death. But thrown in the midst of this search for meaning for this young generation is one the most important social and medical crisis of our time.

Never before in history has Australians eaten so much sugar, My wife and I tried to cut out all sugar from our diet, but what we found that about 95 percent of all foods including canned tomatoes had added sugar in them. according to Eating Disorders Australia, 63.4 percent of all Australians are overweight or obese. Obesity has soared 80 percent in 33 years. The worst of this is that 25 percent of all children in this lucky country are overweight. If these stats are not alarming you, in 2008, 2 years ago obesity cost the tax payer 48 billion dollars.

We have 4 young children and to be honest the future is looking a bit dark and large. What is needed? the current government is considering a soft drink tax, similar to the smoking tax. 20 percent on top of all soft drinks, to me the words, “soft revolution” come to mind. Raise the price of a can of coke, the only thing this will do is impoverish more people. Growing up in a beach town in central Queensland we would go to the shops in the morning to get some bread, alot of boys would meet up. some of them would be getting bread but there were a few boys who would get cigarettes and coke for there mums. Fast forward to 2017 and I can Guarantee this is still the case, some people look at soft drink in such high regard that its there life source. Raising taxes on a can or bottle will only take more money from the people who we are trying to save. One of the worst thing that is happening to this country is the cost of living. Bought on by well meaning but misguided global warmest that have single handedly driven up the cost of living, far beyond affordability.

To me this is just another knee jerk reaction to a serious crisis. I wish I had the answers but I really don’t. If Β I were the law setter I would reduce the level of sugar in things. Ween this generation off this amazingly tasty thing called sugar, cut the sugar in cans of fruit and tomato’s, plant community gardens everywhere possible, free fresh food for everyone is my answer, you want sugar? have a water melon, Apple, banana, eat of the fruit my generation.


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