I have bond cleaned hundreds of houses now in my cleaning career, it has not always been that flash, I have made some big mistakes. One common question I get asked is how to clean a wall.
The answer can be very simple but also complex, A wall is a wall, a few common materials used are, Fibro, Gyprock, just to name a couple, the next thing for consideration is, what kind of paint is used? Lead? Oil? Water? the list goes on, the common silly paint used for rentals is cheap matt paint the seems to grab stains and scuff marks like its starving for it.

My brother asked me how to sugar soap a wall so here goes Matthew.

Step 1. Splash some blue sugar soap into a bucket and fill it with water.

Step 2. Use a good quality cloth, no chux as it to rough,

Step 3. Check to see if there are any scuff marks, or marks that sugar soap will not get out, test a bit to see. If the scuff mark is still there, then use GUMPTION first, lightly scrub the spot with your finger covered in a cloth, focus only on the scuff mark. It is guaranteed to come off, but if its paint missing and chipped which even the best bond cleaners can get confused with it will take more off.

Step 4. Wash the wall again with QUALITY cloths, you need microfiber or you will see the difference. start from the top of the wall where the ceiling meets the wall and go across side ways, don’t leave it to wet but still wet. It will take about 10 minutes or more to dry, if you have done it well then it will look like you have just painted the wall.

Step 5. Take a break!! washing walls is high energy and you will feel it unless you take regular breaks and have water.

The main thing to remember is, Wet Quality Cloths, DO NOT USE DRY CHEAP CLOTHS, or you will take paint off. Do not push to hard on the scuff mark just enough to see it removed. Remember also that the easiest thing is to call My Green Cleaner and relax.

P.S Sugar Soap is not edible!!

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