Its official Nick Xenophon is leaving the Senate.  After such a long time in the role and holding such an important part in the parliament, what would make him step down?

When asked, former adf officer Bernard Gaynor said that Nick Xenophon is leaving to save embarrassment from the high court. 

 The citizenship scandal still seems to be having an affect on even the most solid and popular political figures.

Nick has been a senator since 2007 and has been a very powerful independent.  We have seen the rise and fall of Tony Windsor and other independents but as most people thought Nick would be around for a long time yet. 

What ever happened, we wish him all the best and as we sit back and watch the citizenship debarkle, take down more and more people, maybe the libertarians will get their way. The disbanding of parliament.  The right to be ungoverned 🍾πŸ”ͺ which would in all reality, last a week before they beg for leadership again.  

Be blessed Michael McDowell 

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