Billy Graham, not many people can say that they have never heard of the man. The strong evangelist that seemed to challenge everyone listening with every word spoken. From a young age, growing up in Christian circles his name would often be spoken of.

I saw a few things written about him such as did Billy send millions to hell ect, but I had no time or desire to read such rot. To me Billy Graham offered more then pulling massive crowds that sat mesmerised at the word of God being spoken by him. What was it about a this human vessel that God used to carry such anointing. I can see it now, the big booming voice entering heaven as a man that has done so much on earth in the name of Jesus, looking at the Christ he preached about and walked with daily and seeing the truth that he had explained so well. Jesus walking him into heaven as he passes and sees the millions of rejoicing souls that he helped save from the horrors of hell, the horrors of being separated from the kind of Glory for ever. I don’t know what heaven is like but for this blessed man he sure does.

Thanks Billy for such a blessing you were to us all. We have truly lost a man of truth on this earth.

You will be missed and I pray that your teachings and the anointing of God carry through the generations.


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