It’s a dark movie night, my wife and I were watching a show we have on DVD about a rat Plague, my wife had our gate crashing 2-year-old asleep on her. When she thought man Gracie’s hair is long to be reaching my elbow. Shortly after that I felt something on my knee, as I looked down I saw a cockroach, I said a few mean things (no beeper needed) and the thing flew across the other side of the room.

I chased it, jumped on it a few times, it then got up and ran off into Gracie’s room, I squashed it again and it ran off back into our toy room. I then got my mop and bashed it a fair few times to make sure its done. I shook it out of my mop and then went to get ready for bed, Niki came back in to find it dead and in pieces, ahh event is over.

I went back into the room to remove the feral creature, when all of a sudden it jumped up and ran off again. What! what on Gods green earth does a creature still fight be alive after such treatment. I then picked it up with my tissue and squashed it as hard as I could, I then flushed it and was done. Thank God for that. I went in and told my adoring wife the plight of my actions. I went then back to the toilet to use it and as I lifted the seat………….

It was there ALIVE! swimming for its dear life, as I stood there watching this wretched creature I had a sudden appreciation for what it had been through. I felt proud and sorry for it as I pushed the big button on the toilet and held it down as long as possible. My horror with many legs story finally came to an end.

I hope you enjoyed our adventurous date night, seriously nothing is quite around out place, 4 young kids, insects wanting to gate crash date nights.

God Bless and look out for the new mutant insects.

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