After a long walk an old man a Survivor of war, gets up after talking to his fallen friends and asks his dear wife. Have I lived a good life? Tell me i am a good man. A scene from a very confronting movies called saving private Ryan.

A speech from my hero Billy Grahams daughter at his funeral said that my daddy, after I had left and married a man and divorced. She had fear that her daddy one of the worlds most recognised evangelists would reject her as a failure and hate her decision. As the thousand’s in the crowd lent forward to hear what he said. She said my daddy held his arms out and embraced her with not one bit of hate or disapproving manor or words.

These two scenes have been playing in my head the last month or 2 as some of our dear family walks through a 12 month anniversary of a dear mothers death. What will the end of our lives look like? Are we really doing what God called us to do. If my funeral were to be tomorrow would people say I was a good man? A good Father? A good Husband? Or most important a good faithful follower of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Being a passionate entrepreneur I tend to go hard at things and sometimes sacrifice sweet little moments like wiping my toddlers nose or being physically or emotionally there after a big day of chasing a dream.

With our 5th child due soon as a man I feel that my family will be and are my greatest legacy. We both had dreams and feel it is our calling to raise a large family. On our first night together picking Niki up in my Girls car (hotted up Lanos) taking her to my favourite place on earth which has now become our children’s favourite place to go as a family. Niki and I talked about having a big family. We were young and had no idea where God or life would take us. 12 years on we have no regrets about where we are and how many children our Lord is providing.

An adventure and a calling that sometimes leaves us shaking our heads, loving our lives and fully in love with the little people God has bought into our lives. Homeschooling, seeing there brains light up when what is taught finally registers and sinks in. Being conservative Christians that have Holy Spirit convictions when it comes to dress, broadcast TV and radio and even certain ministers and pastors we don’t allow or limit. Zig Ziglar said you are who you are by what goes into your brain.

We all have our calling our own path, but where ever God is taking you, believe, stand in it and love. Maybe one day we will all hear on this earth or in heaven when Jesus hold our faces and says well done, good and faithful servant. Stay strong and know that he is Lord.

God Bless you and thanks for reading. Please comment

Michael McDowell

Suffering is Lonliness

Mother Teresa, one of my hero’s in the faith said that true suffering is loneliness. The feeling that no one is coming to get you, to kiss your cheek, to love you. To touch your soul with a kind word, a funny daggy joke.

Its a cold night, dark, alone a young boy sits in the darkness, listening to every sound, will he be caught, alone he sits, alone he waits. Hungry he waits for food. Alone with his thoughts he ponders where we will go next, how long he has left where he is living. The morning comes, morning passes, still alone he waits, waits for something.

Afternoon comes, still alone this little boy listens again for any sounds of being caught, suddenly the door is unlocking, frightened he braces himself for the worst. Desperate, afraid, what is going to happen in this next few minutes, the door opens into a dark warm unit.

As I walk in, there stands a scared little boy. For a few minutes our eyes lock, then the words come out of his mouth. I am homeless I have been living here, everything inside me wanted to help this boy. As a few words were flung back and forward like a friendly game of tennis, he walks past me, into this big world he goes. A few minutes of time and this little homeless boy will be lodged in my mind and prayers for ever. How do we as human beings live as if such pain does not exist. Such loneliness, God teaches us that we were designed and made for fellowship with the creator of the universe, God. Beyond the hardest of exteriors, the saying rings true. We are all made in the image of God, we are made for fellowship and when that is taken away the enemy is given room to flourish.

I may never see this boy again but as I came home and gave my young boys the biggest cuddle I could I saw him.

In closing, although its a heavy theme, its something we must face. Next time you see a homeless person. Connect, even in a tiny way, you could change there life and yours in the process.

May Gods Grace rest upon you as you go about your days.

Horror With Many Legs

It’s a dark movie night, my wife and I were watching a show we have on DVD about a rat Plague, my wife had our gate crashing 2-year-old asleep on her. When she thought man Gracie’s hair is long to be reaching my elbow. Shortly after that I felt something on my knee, as I looked down I saw a cockroach, I said a few mean things (no beeper needed) and the thing flew across the other side of the room.

I chased it, jumped on it a few times, it then got up and ran off into Gracie’s room, I squashed it again and it ran off back into our toy room. I then got my mop and bashed it a fair few times to make sure its done. I shook it out of my mop and then went to get ready for bed, Niki came back in to find it dead and in pieces, ahh event is over.

I went back into the room to remove the feral creature, when all of a sudden it jumped up and ran off again. What! what on Gods green earth does a creature still fight be alive after such treatment. I then picked it up with my tissue and squashed it as hard as I could, I then flushed it and was done. Thank God for that. I went in and told my adoring wife the plight of my actions. I went then back to the toilet to use it and as I lifted the seat………….

It was there ALIVE! swimming for its dear life, as I stood there watching this wretched creature I had a sudden appreciation for what it had been through. I felt proud and sorry for it as I pushed the big button on the toilet and held it down as long as possible. My horror with many legs story finally came to an end.

I hope you enjoyed our adventurous date night, seriously nothing is quite around out place, 4 young kids, insects wanting to gate crash date nights.

God Bless and look out for the new mutant insects.

Goodbye Billy

Billy Graham, not many people can say that they have never heard of the man. The strong evangelist that seemed to challenge everyone listening with every word spoken. From a young age, growing up in Christian circles his name would often be spoken of.

I saw a few things written about him such as did Billy send millions to hell ect, but I had no time or desire to read such rot. To me Billy Graham offered more then pulling massive crowds that sat mesmerised at the word of God being spoken by him. What was it about a this human vessel that God used to carry such anointing. I can see it now, the big booming voice entering heaven as a man that has done so much on earth in the name of Jesus, looking at the Christ he preached about and walked with daily and seeing the truth that he had explained so well. Jesus walking him into heaven as he passes and sees the millions of rejoicing souls that he helped save from the horrors of hell, the horrors of being separated from the kind of Glory for ever. I don’t know what heaven is like but for this blessed man he sure does.

Thanks Billy for such a blessing you were to us all. We have truly lost a man of truth on this earth.

You will be missed and I pray that your teachings and the anointing of God carry through the generations.


Time is fleeting

Its been a very busy few weeks in the McDowell household. Parties, celebrations, last-minute work trips to Melbourne, 5 year old’s birthday party and a busy end to the year for the business.

Such crazy chaos, noise and busyness, head spinning, mind is racing thoughts the go a little like this, let’s go, come on, get the kids ready and bathed, toilet, stay happy or Ill make you. While washing Gracie’s hands today everything changed. Her little doll she calls her baby was sitting on the bathroom bench while I washed her hands. He little face turned left to see her baby’s head in a little bit of water, her heart races, blood pumps, emotions boil and all of a sudden, PUPPA babies wet!!!! this passion for a little baby doll rises up and all of a sudden everything fades away in my mind to be replaced with dread as I rescued this baby from the grips of danger and dried the poor things head. Gracie grabs the baby and hugs it as if it just went down the Nile river and clung to life in order to see its adoring mother again.

What happens to us as adults that once upon a time would have had the wildest and adventurous imaginations? dreams of saving the world from UFO’s or pretending we could fly so that our far away friends would be so much closer, or to drop everything to make sure baby does not get wet. One of the biggest drags in life is to work at a job where imagination is about 1 percent of the daily requirements. We honour the pilgrims of imagination, the leaders that didn’t let there daily lives get in the way of them changing the world. I think of Lucy Maud Montgomery the writer of the great series Ann Of Green Gables, of Laura Ingalls Wilder that put in writing her amazing life in the wild west of America, so many others that stand out as adults that have never given up their imaginations. Professionals such as Steve jobs, the subway brothers just to name a few.

Something to think about as the 24 hour time clock has suddenly hit 98 octane and is hurdling towards the end. Time is fleeting make it count, imagine, create, love and be passionate about life as in the bible it says, it’s here, its gone, the place remembers it no more. Make your mark on the next generation, love like Christ and change the world.

Please comment and Merry Christmas

Michael McDowell

Christmas Love

The year was 2006, for me Christmas started in a Western Brisbane suburb called Ipswich, while I loved the usual tradition of going somewhere either to a park or to relatives houses for a hot Christmas day, something was different about this Christmas, a feeling of love was in my world.

In November that year on the way down to a church camp I asked Niki if we can officially take our relationship to the next level. I couldn’t wait to hit the western freeway and head north to see my girlfriend, I can still remember walking in that day to a house filled with Christmas decorations, lots of yummy food that I had never had at Christmas, most of my Christmas days consisted of food that you had to fight over before your hungry siblings and adults and cousins took it all. My pregnant sister in law was sitting on the lounge as her baby was kicking her. We opened presents and Niki bought me a wallet.

2008 we spent our first Christmas married, Niki and I woke up dressed our dogs up in Christmas gear and exchanged presents and thanked and said happy birthday to our Savior Jesus. We then went to Niki’s for lunch then the next day we went to my families place. Things with my family had changed, Niki and I were one and we were starting our own traditions and life together, the pull away from the normal ways of doing thing prior to our marriage was leaving and new exciting things were coming into our lives, as the bible says, I had left my mother and joined with my wife.

10 years later 2017 we are celebrating our 10th Christmas together as a married couple, we have great traditions now, like Christmas eve we look at Christmas lights and go to emergency services offices and give them hand made gifts and cookies to say thanks for their tireless efforts and safety they bring us. We do stocking, something I never did growing up, this year we are putting up Christmas lights and decorating the house as much as we can. But the biggest thing that we sit back and wonder what happened, is we are now celebrating the 2017 Christmas as a family of 6.

Our 4 children continue to challenge and bless our lives, everyday they throw new things at us to keep us constantly reacting, mostly well, to their outbursts, tantrums, and love. The feeling of your child giving you a kiss and saying they love you makes every trouble in this world disappear.

We have great traditions, we seem to make more every year. We look forward to Christmas all year round, yes even us as parents look forward to it. In my last blog post I wrote about a Christmas hater, people also tell us Christmas is only for the kids.

For us Christmas is about our family of 6. The love, the fun, the presents, the sparkle of Christmas that is only here once a year, Christ was born to save this world and we as a family of 6 will celebrate with everything we have.

I hope and pray that this Christmas will be great for you and your family. Please comment and subscribe.

Washing, washing and more washing!?


WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 4.07.13 PMIt’s 3.30 pm and the kids are happy playing and eating their afternoon tea, while I sit down with my cup of tea to write this blog. As I was thinking about what to write today’s blog on…I walked past the laundry room and saw the washing needed to be switched into the dryer, realised that there was already clean washing in the dryer, I looked at my pile of clean laundry getting bigger and bigger as my eldest son helped to switch the washing over! I can’t even imagine what it is like washing for 19 kids like TheΒ Duggars! GAH! Help me Lord…how do I deal with little ones, homeschooling, house work, attending to my husbands needs, being a friend, blog, vlog, and somehow get time with God???

I am reminded gently by the Lord my saviour, who has placed me right here, right now in this so called “crazy” life. That it is not so crazy! After all He has me where He wants me to be. He is in control, not me! This is not crazy, it is a season. We as Mum’s live this life, because we have been called to.

So wherever you are, how ever you are feeling about “crazy” just remember that it is a season. You are doing well, so well!!!

Here is a verse I found when thinking about this…

Psalm 1:3 He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper.

You are doing an amazing job, as Dory says, just keep swimming!

~Bless you, Niki